New Bloom

by Endless Heights

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Released Friday 15th November 2013

After a long wait, Sydney’s Endless Heights are able to announce the release of their highly anticipated debut album, New Bloom. Having dedicated the past few years to refining their sound and evolving as musicians and people, Endless Heights have laid it all out on New Bloom and are ready to let audiences hear their efforts. New Bloom will be released Friday 15th November.

Having formed 2009 on the North Shore of Sydney, Endless Heights honed their skills playing extensively locally alongside a vast array of bands. Initially playing a heavier style of hardcore, the band took a more melodic direction as they progressed, their distinct guitar sound highlighting positive and emotive lyrics. Over the release of two EP’s Prologue and Dream Strong and last years Lady Wisdom 7” the band has evolved their sound, stripping back the heavier elements of their music and embracing melody to create rich soundscapes.

Having spent the majority of 2013 writing New Bloom, Endless Heights headed into The Brain Studios in June of this year with Clayton Segelov at the producers table, helping the band realise their goals. Mastered in the US by Will Yip (Title Fight, Blacklisted, Citizen) at Studio 4, Endless Heights have risen once again on New Bloom. On New Bloom, Endless Heights present their 10 best songs yet, featuring a driving rhythm section, distinct guitar melody and the impassioned lyrics that have made Endless Heights a growing force across the country.


released November 15, 2013

Written by Endless Heights.

Produced by Clayton Segelov at The Brain Studios, Sydney. Mixed by Will Yip at Studio 4, Philadelphia. Mastered by Will Yip and Kim Rosen at Studio 4, Philadelphia.




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Track Name: The New Bloom
The New Bloom

Walk straight through the storm conquered and torn.
Steadfast you walk.

It feels like you're walking on water.
Time to look over your shoulder.

Its you. This taste of truth.
And I refuse to lie to you. Won't lie to you.

You're trapped in your thoughts. I free the lion’s roar.
So trapped in your thoughts. Free the lion’s roar.

Running on water, no feet on the ground. Armed with the foresight. They want me to drown.

Trapped in your thoughts. Free the lion’s roar.
Track Name: Honest Life
Honest Life

Sand flows through a cracked hourglass.
Lets just hope that time still lasts. I spent it all on my past.

My darkest side, the brightest angle. Honest life, fire to this candle.

Sand flows through a cracked hourglass. Make the most while time still lasts.
I’m leading the fall, my weakness and all my strength.

The snake so cunning. Heart be my elixir. Break the stalemate plaguing my mind.
Track Name: Valhalla

Freezing, the frostbite. Season felt so right.
I can’t sleep out in this cold.

Try to keep my wings nailed to the ground. Valhalla.
Safe and sound. I’m heaven bound.

A Thousand eyes line my sights still yours set me free.
Self-confined fears of mine, cast straight out of me.

Rocks through the window, wake up to war.
Dreams lie in fragments to settle the score.
Track Name: Sanctum

I know that you hide you strengths. Break out from the wasted stress. Throw us in the furnace, searching though we’re scared. Let us burn.

This city stands silent, our peace in the pain.

An arrow to pierce my flesh. Caught my heart instead.
If distance is everything, promise to set me free, I promise to you let you breathe.

Saturate my skin and fill the air.
Life for you to find if you just dare
Saturate my skin and fill the air. No care.
Track Name: Coral Castle
Coral Castle

Coral Castle, great unknown.
Coral Castle the ebb and flow.
Coral Castle the New Bloom.
Track Name: Matador

Myths and fables speak the truth. That challenge, pierce straight through.
Anchor to my troubled mind. Cut the dread inside my eyes. Break the seal.

Feelings try to take my breath. Boldness takes me whole again.

A nation in glory, slave to the same old story.
The righteous step backwards. Re-write a brand new standard.

There’s no blood on our hands so I’m taking a stand. Plant your flag in the red earth.

Born to thrive not just survive. Self prescribe their own demise.
Born to thrive not just survive. Bind the night to the light.
Track Name: Mosaic

Counterfeit, you're a fake.
I won't let you take my name.
Counterfeit, get out of my way. I will never be the same.
Counterfeit, you're a fake.
I won’t let you take my name.

A seasoned sky rose-velvet colours. A disguise of blackened structures.

We all miss out when you don't stand in your shoes. I need you to be you. Which life will you choose?

Lay the lie deep to rest. I tried my best.
Track Name: House Of Cards
House Of Cards

Cry yourself to sleep. Anything to ease what the dawn will bring.
Blow wind blow.

Breathe it in your chest, feel the violent wind turn east to west.
Change the culture you condemn.

Burning coals you house a flame, more than tasteful incense.
Burning coals you house a flame, not just a sweet scent.

House of cards built from trust. Any old wind can blow you down.

Blow wind blow. Change the culture you condemn.
Track Name: Son Of Thunder
Son Of Thunder

I’m the radical that won’t burn out.
All the fears you cling to - I’ll burn straight to the ground.
Dancing flame that once forgave, ashes fade away, in the glow of the streetlights.

Stand tall all you unspoken. Scream out ‘til you feel wholesome. Don’t stop if you start choking.

All your fears burnt to the ground.
You’re a son of thunder. Spark in the clouds you start a storm.

Face down, head in the ground. Stand up proud. Break the silence.
Track Name: Love Will Keep Me Whole
Love Will Keep Me Whole

Mirrors shatter amidst the struggle. Cracked reflections, your true colours.
Mirrors shatter amidst the struggle. Rippled puddles of your true colours.

Yell at the sun. Pray it stands still. Treasure the love. Arch to my will.
Bury the diamonds. So what that I’m gold. Bury the diamonds. Our stories never told.

As passions grow our colours show.

Creep on through the cracks until you can’t go back.
Shipwrecked heart, burdened soul. Still love will keep me whole.